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 Post subject: Question - optimal doll for MFM threesome
PostPosted: Sun Nov 19, 2017 2:47 pm 
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Senior Member
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Please, could somebody give an experience or an advice, about inflatable doll use in a MFM threesome (two guys, one female doll)? What type or shape (sitting/standing/...) doll is the best for it? What position is reasonable to try? I tried standard missionary doll when we stand and lean against the wall. Next I would like to test a sitting doll on the edge of the bench. Many thanks.

How it looks in a heaven? The heaven it is the same world as our, with one exception. You can live with your doll there and the doll is ideal. The ideal doll means, that there are no any technical, practical or social problems concerned with her. And what about a hell? The hell don't exist. Every place will turn to a heaven, if you will be with your doll there. Because she is a part of your personality, she will be always with you.
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 Post subject: Re: Question - optimal doll for MFM threesome
PostPosted: Sun Dec 03, 2017 7:38 pm 
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8) Howdy

Awesome question - magoruk - :thumbs_up:

I would try the Daio Shi types either type will work {standing/ sitting} - standing probably being best for MFM - I would bring one of each to the party though - so that either M of the MFM can finish off separately - honestly even the value line types would work well - {standing}

I only say the Daio Shi as they are very realistic as compared to the Value line and are readily available - try some from the French "Love N Vibes" importer they have nice custom made air babes

Rock on - magoruk - :thumbs_up:

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