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PostPosted: Sun Mar 10, 2019 2:12 am 
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Hello! I’m Motoko!

*Ahem*, so- I took a shot in the dark with these people, and my first doll arrived in a very short amount of time. She looked exactly as the picture lead me to expect, but a joint in the upper chest broke within days. I reached out to Irontech about it, but it seemed too shady. I reached out to Sexxdoll’s customer service and they offered to replace it for free. I just didn’t want to ship it back because I already uh... T-tested the doll’s functions, and was already too fond of the doll, even with the issues. Their willingness to replace it (and the discount I was given for my trouble) left a very positive impression on me.

My second doll arrived, and the base of the head was damaged in transit, because FedEx isn’t as gentle as I am. Within a day, customer service already had another head coming, free of charge.

The customer service rep I got was the main reason I keep coming back. They’re so nice, and respond so fast. I always feel that if I have an issue, it won’t be an issue.


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