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 Post subject: New doll review 160cm
PostPosted: Thu Sep 28, 2017 12:24 pm 
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Active Poster

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Hello, this is my first doll.

I kind of risked and decided to try this.. doll thing. Well.. its actually not that bad. Worst things are hair, I might need to buy a proper wig that doesnt lose hair..
Sorry for crappy photo :) that bump is from shipping..


Ive got to admit after reading on damaged dolls this one topic was on my mind whole few weeks.
Without the doubt I want to emphasize ONCE MORE - it needs to be even better.

My doll arrived in 90% condition. I was very happy that it was not a wreck! The box was in good quality but it seemed the doll was probably shipped on the side whole 15~20days.
All vendors should make dolls in mint condition even if couriers ship them on the head! or on the side(like my doll) no matter what!

Upon closer inspection its not that bad. I gladly take this small thing over some worse scenarios. With some glue and powder its going to stay just fine.


This doll has none of that. I noticed silicone dolls shouldnt have smell, well this one has none of it. Another issue while browsing online photos was "green greyish" skin. Lots of photos where doll looks grey or greenish. I was worried this doll might be like that but nope. Its all fine.


I picked silicone doll and I am very happy. It doesnt have smell that tpe has, and its more durable(some say). And its non porous so its first-time buyer friendly. Also any clothing can leave marks, well silicone should be more resistant to that, right?

LOOKS 8/10

I am glad I picked up 160cm and not smaller. Actually in real life it needs to be even bigger. I rate it as 7/10. I am taller guy so I wouldnt mind even 180cm doll. But the whole doll looks great. Difficult to put hair properly, and the hair itself is a mess to deal with.


This one is a tough one. Its okay if it weights a lot. I wouldnt mind that! The problem is setting doll in wanted position. Always have to make sure fingers are protected. Too difficult in my opinion and the doll is not user friendly.. Its always a question, do I risk it or do I not to damage the doll.


Vagina is quite incredible, especially if you heat it up, but the insert is a nightmare. Its ~ 1cm radius so its a bother! I hate it.

If only I have read somewhere that fixed vagina = hard to clean and insert vagina = hard to sex I would have picked a doll with fixed vagina.
Its really difficult to just enter.. I have no idea why insert is just 1cm radius its not great at all..
My advice = fixed vagina.. at least you will get pleasure rather than difficulty with the entrance. Or get maybe an vagina with good entrance..
Need to know what sleeve can fit that has normal entrance like other dolls have. DSdolls sell sleves that have normal entrance just for 19USD!


As a first time buyer its, my opinion which is valid to say the least, and can make good expectations to other buyers. Its a bit stiff in my opinion but the key to this whole thing is smoothness. With a lot of corn starch its silky smooth and makes whole touching sensation very well. Also add in some heating blanket and its actually .. A solid 9/10. And without smootheness and heating I would not even rate higher than 3/10 despite softness being decent.

The problem is.. smoothness is what will probably quickly dissapear as either blanket or bed makes it gone somehow, even with little to no touching.


safe packaging which is top priority for me.
Great price
Cant comment on quality yet..
I said I need a glue on initial damage and I got it quick

Poor vagina entrance is only 1cm entry - the realism is better than fleshlight but entrance is dumb.
Hair is a mess even after shower twice its a nightmare for beginner like me.. <- hell I say!
Poor instructions how far each limb can bent, too basic scheme on how limbs move. <- Its a trap!
p.s. I decline to pose my doll with disastrous instructions like that. I think 4woods had excelent instructions on that matter!

Overall im quite happy.

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