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 Post subject: Suki Review + Pics!
PostPosted: Tue Jan 30, 2018 11:36 pm 
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Before I begin, allow me to go ahead and set aside the one major issue I've had in my experience with Suki thus far - and that was the shipping.

I bought Suki during the Black Friday sales, and as such expected perhaps a longer than the seven-day-average time for Suki to both ship and reach me; unfortunately, that wasn't the case. It took nearly four weeks for her to arrive, which again, while I can't fault Sili Doll much as it was a busy holiday, was a complaint. HOWEVER, as others have pointed out time and time again (because it is very true), Mig and his team are exceptionally communicative, and always answered any questions I had the same day, and very politely. That's exactly the sort of customer service that makes people, including myself, want to come back and buy more.

I'll be breaking my review up into three sections: First will be arrival and setup, second will be Suki and "use", and third will be final thoughts.

Arrival and Setup

Suki isn't the tallest of dolls - she stands at a solid 110cm, which, while I had originally desired a larger doll, I had to accommodate for due to my budget. Yet to my delight, 110cm was quite a nice balance between my ultimate desire and what I could afford; I could do all the things I wanted, yet she was small enough to make moving and storing very efficient.

Speaking of efficiency, the package she comes in is not all that much larger than her. While this may not necessarily sound like a good thing with a doll due to needing some additional space for good packing, this ended up not being much of an issue, to my delight upon inspection. Others have said before that Sili has lackluster packing quality, but that was not the case at least with my Suki. I was very pleasantly surprised to see absolutely no damages out of the box.

All of this, and the box had a number of goodies inside it, as well. These included Suki herself, the included wig, a cleaning tool (which is invaluable for any doll owner), a schoolgirl dress, and a usb warmer, with the accessories being at no additional cost. These were all in separate bags, for convenience's sake. Removing everything, including Suki herself, did not pose a challenge.

Before my Suki arrived, I prepared ample space to store her, and this actually ended up being a little more space than I actually ended up needing, which was nice. Storage of Suki was only difficult when I first received her, as her skeleton was rather firm, as one would expect from a fresh doll. The skeleton loosens up with time, though.

Suki and "Use"

Suki is a gorgeous doll standing in at a solid 110cm. I'm a pretty short guy so this fits me quite well. She has three orfices: Mouth, Vagina, and Anus. Her makeup was excellently applied, and looked just like the promo shots. Her breasts are quite large for her body, but not quite to the point where it looks comical or unappealing; similarly, her butt is very round and firm.

Suki's skin feels extremely soft to the touch, and this is a selling point that Sili always mentioned, saying things like "world's softest lovedoll" and things of the like. I can't confirm that statement as I've not owned another lovedoll besides Suki, but good lord, Suki is incredibly soft. Not just "where it matters", but all over. That's not to say that all of her skin and body parts feel the same, as that would take away from the realism and eroticism of her more pronounced parts, but that's the beauty of it - those feel even softer, yet the skeleton underneath gives it just the right level of firmness. It's a really solid balance that Sili Doll has found here, and they found it, and mastered it. In the future, I'm definitely looking forward to experiencing this, but with some of the larger dolls.

Now, despite my glowing statements for how nice Suki is to look at and touch, I have only "used" her once. That's not because I wouldn't like to use her any more, but that wasn't my aim with Suki anyway, and I don't really have a need. Still, the one experience was really, really nice. I made use of all three orfices, and all three were pleasurable for different reasons. The pussy is REALLY tight, and in addition to looking quite realistic compared to some smaller masturbators I've had, felt much closer to the real thing. The depth I could reach was also a really nice touch. The mouth gave a sort of suction feel, though the drawback of a smaller doll is that the throat tunnel moves upwards into the head rather than going down, like on a real girl. Still, this was something I only noticed during the very first moments of using, and faded from my notice quite quickly when my focused was changed. Last was the ass, and oh man, that was by far my favorite. Slightly tighter than the vagina (and let me emphasize that this means it was REALLY tight, and similar in depth, yet it had a sort of lining that's difficult to describe that felt amazing. It was like there were several rings that rubbed me right, but not spread out in the way you'd see on a traditional pocket pussy or something of the like. Instead, they were spread out a little more haphazardly as to create a more natural effect, and makes hitting it in different ways very, very satisfying.

Concluding Thoughts

Who would I recommend Suki to?

If you're looking for a small-ish lovedoll and have limited space to store her, but still want one that looks really nice and, perhaps more importantly to you, FEELS incredible, then this is certainly the one for you. Mig's team is highly communicative and very responsive to any customization requests you might have, so if you're also looking for customization and a very accessible company, then Sili Doll is also your choice. I can't speak for the larger dolls just yet, but I imagine you'd want to look there too for larger dolls!



Thank you very much for reading!

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 Post subject: Re: Suki Review + Pics!
PostPosted: Wed Jan 31, 2018 4:47 pm 
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First off, welcome to the forum!

Thank you also for the very nice and thoughtful review. I think you may need a total of five posts to share pictures- which we’d love to see!

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