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 Post subject: Sili Doll Premium Customization Care Guide
PostPosted: Sun Dec 17, 2017 7:35 am 
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Hello everyone! Today I’d like to share some thoughts and a few quick and easy tips regarding how to best care for your customized Sili Doll to preserve her special look.

Getting to know your customized doll

Each Sili Doll finished in the USA uses a combination of traditional powder makeup and BodyColor by MissAtleur semi-permanent cosmetics. We use BodyColor wherever possible to provide vibrant and long-lasting color on each of our dolls finished in the USA. Some areas however, where blush achieves a more realistic look or blending is required, we use premium powder makeup.

Powder makeup is vulnerable to smudging, moisture, and mineral oil products, while BodyColor is removed only by abrasion. If properly cared for, powder makeup should last a long time but will eventually fade while BodyColor (again given proper care) should last almost indefinitely.


With gentle use and handling, your Sili Doll should require only the occasional application of cornstarch with a large soft makeup brush should she ever begin to feel tacky to the touch and pick up some light lint or dust.

Areas where BodyColor has been applied can be given a shiny, “wet” look with a small amount of mineral oil. As noted above, mineral oil will remove powder makeup so I recommend using the tip of your finger as an applicator. Simply wet the tip of your finger with a teeny tiny amount of mineral oil and apply where a shine is desired. Even a bead on the finger can be too much for this purpose and cause a run, so use sparingly to avoid damaging any powder makeup in the area.

BodyColor can also be given a matte appearance by applying powder to the area. Simply brush cornstarch onto any area where a flat color is desired.

Changing Makeup:

While we aim to provide a long-lasting finish to your doll, you may desire to refresh or change her makeup eventually.

To remove powdered makeup, simply apply mineral oil to the area in which removal is desired and gently lift the powder makeup from the head with a lint-free and smooth washcloth in short strokes. Use quick, careful, and short dabs whenever possible to avoid abrading her skin. I personally like to use alcohol-free bathroom wipes for this task. After the makeup is removed to your liking, wait until the mineral oil has soaked into the TPE and apply cornstarch with a large makeup brush to rejuvenate the skin-like texture.

To remove BodyColor, gently but firmly rub the edges of the colored area inward until it begins to form a peel. At that point, the peel may be carefully pulled off in a thin film. There may be many layers of BodyColor underneath one another, so remove layer-by-layer if necessary. Then, reapply BodyColor as desired.

Here’s a great video from MissAtleur showing how this is best carried out!

Final Notes:

Your Sili Doll is of course capable of amazing sexual feats, but please note that such activities usually involve rubbing that can, in some cases, hasten the removal of BodyColor. To keep her looking good in these critical areas, be sure to order some BodyColor of your own to touch her up from time to time, or be gentle and use plenty of water or mineral oil based lubricant to ensure that the treatment lasts as long as possible :)

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 Post subject: Re: Sili Doll Premium Customization Care Guide
PostPosted: Sun Dec 17, 2017 10:02 am 
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These are excellent care tips! Might want to consider including these tips with every new doll purchase!


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