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 Post subject: Ordered 2ND doll, a Silli Suri
PostPosted: Sun Aug 13, 2017 4:15 pm 
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Ordered Silli Suri doll, should be here next week. This is my 2nd doll, first one was an OR 138cm. Heard dolls from Silli are made from soft Korean TPE, 20%-30% softer than regular TPE .... so I bought one just to see. OR doll was OK, tits and ass were not as soft as I expected, and no where close to my girlfriend. I wondered if this doll comes any closer. Until they make a doll as soft and feels like a woman, I think I'll keep my girlfriend.

I'll do a tits and ass comparison video when it arrives, see the claims are true. Ordered options without anal, not into it, as I heard this will reenforce the vag preventing it from easily tearing due to only one opening. Also asked for wider vag width, as I have found OR doll opening small (common complaints). Both doll have fixed vag. Waited about 2 weeks now, shipped by UPS from China although I expected it was from Korea (everything is made in China so no surprise). Tracking, I see it's in Alaska .... nice n' cold when it get here

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 Post subject: Re: Ordered 2ND doll, a Silli Suri
PostPosted: Mon Aug 14, 2017 11:47 am 
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Very exciting! I can't wait to see your comparison. The Suri Torso I bought is so hot, I can't imagine how excellent she'd be as a full doll.

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