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 Post subject: Re: SURI-T Torso Doll - My Extended Professional Review
PostPosted: Sat Aug 12, 2017 4:14 am 
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DollAfficionado wrote:
REVIEW OF SURI-T TPE TORSO DOLL (sold by Sili Doll) by DollAfficionado


This is my review of the SURI-T TPE torso doll as sold by Sili Doll at the following website: ... oll-torso/

Sili Doll's SURI-T torso doll is a newcomer in the torso doll arena. I have owned some TPE torso dolls made by various MFRs in the past, but I have been less than impressed with most of them. Granted, MFRs like RealDoll and Ruby13 do make excellent quality silicone torso dolls; however, those dolls cost well in excess of $2,000 making them financially inaccessible to most buyers. The under $1,000 SURI-T torso doll is a "BREATH OF FRESH AIR" to the torso doll marketplace. In addition to the super soft skin for which Sili Doll is notorious, the doll is very beautiful and well-designed for practical sexual functionality. The SURI-T torso doll provides built-in vaginal, anal, and oral orifices - each with a different feel and tightness to them so you have multiple options available to you with the SURI-T doll. The SURI-T torso doll does feature a fully function skeleton allowing the doll to be twisted into several different sexual positions. Weighing only 18.5 kilograms (40 pounds), makes the SURI-T torso doll very easy to carry around your home and manipulate into the desired sexual positions. The condensed form of the SURI-T torso doll means that storage and concealment will be very easy. The SURI-T torso doll is THE torso doll for which we have long been awaiting, AND AT A PRICE POINT UNDER $1,000!!!



The SURI-T torso doll features the SURI head which has a very beautiful Asian face. Sili Doll has also stated that the SURI, SUMI, and SUKIWAAII heads are compatible with the SURI-T torso doll. All of these heads are very beautiful, but I would like to see the addition of a Western-style face/head as a future product. The mouth and nose are well done, but the eyes of the SURI head are what really drew me in. The eyes tell the tale of a very sweet, demure, and sexually-alluring woman. The lips and mouth of the SURI head are very soft, but they are not quite as soft as my SUKI doll which at first confused me until I evaluated the head further. It appears that the jaw of the skeleton of of the SURI head has been much more developed. As a result of this design, there is less TPE material around the mouth. It wasn't until I used the oral cavity of the SURI-T torso doll that I realized the innovation of the new design. When inserting an erect penis into the mouth, the erect penis travels mostly horizontally with only a slight vertical incline at the back of the throat. With TPE doll heads from other MFRs, an erect penis climbs a steep vertical incline as the erect penis enters the doll's mouth which results in a not-so-sexy bulging of the eyes upon entering. With the SURI head's design, there is very little of this eye bulging which significantly enhances the realism factor. While the doll's lips are not quite as soft to kiss, the oral sex experience is significantly better than dolls from other MFRs. This is a very innovative design for which Sili Doll should be applauded. Oral sex with the doll’s head is very good as the cavity is ribbed to enhance pleasure.


The head of the doll attaches to the body via a bolt assembly common to many other TPE dolls. Using a detachable head for the SURI-T torso doll was a good design decision as it allows for multiple head options. Furthermore, the ability to remove the head from the SURI-T torso doll means that the doll can be made even more compact for storage. When washing your SURI-T torso doll, you will want to be very careful to avoid getting water anywhere near the bolt assembly as water could easily seep into the internal parts of the doll causing rust and mold. If you shower with the SURI-T torso doll, I recommend removing the head, placing a plastic bag over the neck stump, and securing the bag in place with several rubber bands. This will allow you to safely wash the torso. As for washing the detachable head, I recommend doing this manually with a wet microfiber cloth as the risk of getting water near the bolt assembly is too high to risk any other means of cleaning. It is also important to note that the neck is also flexible to some degree at the skeleton joint. This means that the doll's head can be move slightly forward, backwards, and side-to-side which expands options for posing and provides some protection for when the SURI-T torso doll is used in positions which put stress on the doll's head.


The chest is realistically shaped and the breasts are placed correctly on the SURI-T doll's chest. The breasts are scaled-down equivalents of approximately D cup size breasts which look very natural and sexy on the SURI-T torso doll. The breasts of the SURI-T torso doll are very soft and have a lot of jiggle to them which is quite a turn-on to watch. The breasts do have a small areola and realistic looking nipples. The breasts are actually big enough that you can use them for some titty-fucking which adds a 4th sexual option. The extreme softness of the breasts makes titty-fucking a very pleasurable experience with the SURI-T torso doll. Overall, I am very happy with the size, shape, and softness of the breasts.


The doll’s abdomen has the shape and the thickness of a real woman which enhances the realism. The SURI-T torso doll's abdomen is not fat but it is also not toothpick-skinny. Instead, the abdomen is curved like an adult sexy woman's abdomen would be. Fans of curvy women/dolls will be delighted by this design. A navel indentation does exist on the abdomen, but it is not very detailed - still a nice addition. The abdomen transitions to the groin and hips in a very flattering manner that accentuates the curves of the SURI-T torso doll. Because this area of the SURI-T torso doll is shapely naturally, it will make finding flattering clothing a much easier task than with many other dolls.


The backside of the SURI-T doll is fully detailed and possesses the spinal curve consistent with a real human being. This is especially noteworthy as many torso dolls come with a completely flat back-side. Having the back-side fully detailed out very much enhances doggy-style sex as it adds to the illusion that you are having sex with a human woman. The curved spine transitions exceptionally well to the SURI-T doll's onion booty. I can't imagine every getting tired of viewing the SURI-T torso doll from this perspective. Because the SURI-T torso doll does have this very realistic curved back-side, it is very important that the doll be stored properly. When storing the SURI-T torso doll, I recommend storing her flat and naked on at least 2 inches of high quality memory foam. This will help ensure that the SURI-T doll's delicious onion booty does not end up getting flattened, especially during longer periods where the SURI-T torso doll needs to be placed into storage.


SURI-T torso doll doesn't have any! The lack of arms/hands results in a significant weight reduction. Doll arms/hands are also one of the most frequently damaged parts of a doll, so this worry will be non-existent with the SURI-T torso doll. The lack of arms/hands also makes the doll more condensed which enables easier and more compact storage.


SURI-T torso doll has partial upper legs unlike other torso dolls. This is an absolutely GENIUS DESIGN DECISION BY SILI DOLL! You get most of the advantages of a doll having legs without most of the weight and space of full-length legs. PURE GENIUS! The SURI-T torso doll's partial legs do possess a skeleton which will bend forward and side-to-side. Because of this skeletal design, the legs can be spread apart for missionary and other front-side sexual positions, and they can also be squeezed together and bent forward for very tight doggy-style sex. The partial legs also help elevate the SURI-T torso doll, so you can more easily place her over the side of your bed for doggy-style sex sessions. When I first received the SURI-T torso doll, the legs skeleton was very rigid, but they loosened up a bit and became easier to move after I had manipulated them for some time. Just be sure to manipulate the legs slowly and carefully until the SURI-T torso doll's legs have had some time to loosen up a bit.


The SURI-T torso doll has a built-in pussy with a realistic-looking labia and clit. Designing a realistic looking labia and clit on a TPE doll has long been a challenge due to the limitations of the material versus silicone; however, Sili Doll has managed to push the realism of the pussy, labia, and clit to its limits making the best possible use of the material. The opening of SURI-T torso doll's pussy appears very small; however, the material easily stretches to accommodate an erect penis. The interior of SURI-T doll's pussy has ribs which are designed to enhance pleasure during intercourse - a very nice addition. The extremely soft TPE material makes sex feel very close to the real thing. With the pussy warmed up a little bit and the proper lubrication applied, sex feels very close to the real thing. You will want to make sure to use lubrication with every single use as I can foresee dry rubbing causing heat friction damage to the TPE material. Because of the partial legs feature of the SURI-T torso doll, the legs can be manipulated to give the pussy a tighter or looser feeling. The depth of pussy is approximately 5 inches long, but the material at the back of the pussy has some additional "give" to it. If your penis is longer than 6 inches, you may not be able to fit your entire penis into the pussy. Sili Doll may want to consider offering a "lengthened" pussy cavity as an option for those who may have a greater than average length penis.


SURI-T torso doll's "onion booty" is one of her best features. While I have enjoyed all the sexual options that SURI-T torso doll provide, my favorite position is most definitely doggy-style while looking at her delicious booty. SURI-T torso doll is such a turn-on in this position that I wasn't able to last very long. If you want a more extended sex session with your SURI-T torso doll, I recommend saving doggy-style position for last. The anus of SURI-T torso doll is very small. I had to use A LOT of lube in order to feel comfortable that I was not going to damage the anal opening. Once inside the anal cavity, she is VERY TIGHT providing A LOT of stimulation to your penis. I found that the anal hole is best reserved for times when you want a quickie as I was not able to last very long due to the extreme stimulation. If you have a very thick penis, you will need to be very careful using the anal hole. Use A LOT of lubrication if you are going to use the anal hole. The partial legs of the SURI-T torso doll significantly help to facilitate doggy-style sex from a mechanical perspective.


A skeleton frame exists throughout all existing parts of the SURI-T torso doll. The skeleton has a decent range of motion at the head and spine. Extending the skeleton into the partial legs was a very good design decision to enhance sex options. The skeleton is very rigid when you first receive SURI-T torso doll; however, the skeleton quickly loosened up as I started manipulating her into various sex positions.


SURI-T torso doll is made with the SUPER SOFT TPE material for which Sili Doll has obtained notoriety. The tactile sensation of touching the skin is very pleasing. Touching SURI-T torso doll's skin feels very close to touching a real woman. When storing the doll, the SUPER SOFT TPE material seems vulnerable to "flattening", especially her onion booty; therefore, you will need to ensure that SURI-T torso doll is stored on a soft surface. When SURI-T torso doll is not in your bed, I strongly recommend storing her flat on top of at least 2 inches of memory foam - more would be better. The SUPER SOFT TPE skin of SURI-T doll seems to be more vulnerable to staining than the blends of other TPE doll MFRs; therefore, you will want to be extremely careful with the clothing you select for SURI-T torso doll to wear. It is safest to stick to white or light-colored articles of clothing. Be sure to store SURI-T torso doll naked. Although the increased vulnerability to staining is a disadvantage, experiencing Sili Doll's SUPER SOFT TPE material for yourself is well worth the required extra caution.


At 18.5 kilograms (40 pounds), the SURI-T torso doll is very easy to lift and manipulate while still being heavy enough to provide stability to the doll. One of the turn-offs of heavy dolls is the time required to move them into a different sexual position. By the time a heavy doll is moved into the next sexual position, the user may have lost some of the "mood". This is note the case with SURI-T torso doll. Moving SURI-T torso doll into the next desired sex position is fast and easy. I tried many different sex positions with SURI-T torso doll, and she was able to handle all of them. Some of the sex positions actually worked better without full length arms and legs. The low weight of the SURI-T torso doll makes her a great choice for those who are older of age or who have physical restrictions.


Without arms and legs, I expect that the SURI-T torso doll will actually last longer than a full size doll simply due to less moving parts. Be sure to avoid humidity and keep your SURI-T torso doll well-powdered in order to keep the SUPER SOFT TPE skin in the best condition possible . Always store your SURI-T doll in a temperature and humidity controlled environment. After a “session” with your SURI-T torso doll, be sure that all cavities are cleaned and thoroughly dried out before putting your SURI-T torso doll away. A micro-fiber towel is a great way to absorb most of the residual moisture after cleaning, and a small mini-fan placed in front of the cavity for a couple hours will ensure that she is made completely dry.


*** Warning: these stressors were performed to test and evaluate the limits of the SURI-T torso doll. Please do not repeat them with your own SURI-T torso doll as permanent damage will likely result ***


Dropping the SURI-T torso doll on her neck is almost guaranteed to cause immediate damage or destruction of the doll; therefore, a neck drop test was not performed.
For the drop test, I dropped the SURI-T torso doll FLAT onto her back from a 4 foot height to a tiled floor. 4 feet was chosen as this is the approximate height at which the doll will be carried in one's arms.
The doll experienced no apparent damage after the first 43 drops. After drop #44, the head was starting to loosen at the neck, but the rest of the doll showed no apparent damage.
I dropped the doll 2 more times, and the neck loosening became a little worse. At this point, I removed the doll's head and continued to drop the torso only.
After 100 drops the torso still failed to show any damage other than some minor scuffing of the TPE material.
Drop testing was discontinued at this point.
Result: The torso portion of the SURI-T torso doll is EXTREMELY durable; however, the head at the neck joint is vulnerable to damage. When protecting your SURI-T torso doll, extra care should be taken with the head and neck area as this is the most vulnerable part of SURI-T torso doll.


For this test, various weighted clamps were clamped onto several parts of the SURI-T torso doll's TPE material for a 1 hour duration, and then removed to evaluate the skin’s ability to return to its original shape without compression damage.
Upon 1 hour of treatment with the 5 and 10 pound clips, the doll’s skin returned to normal with no damage.
Upon 1 hour of treatment with the 15 pound clip, the doll’s skin developed a permanent slight indentation after the clamp was removed.
Upon 1 hour of treatment with the 20 pound clip, the doll’s skin developed a significant permanent indentation.
Result: The SURI-T torso doll can withstand some compression, but extended heavy compression will result in permanent indentations. SURI-T torso doll should be stored naked with no objects compressing her skin during storage. The results of this test were exactly the same as when I performed this test with my SUKI doll. This is not surprising as the same blend of TPE material is used to create both dolls by Sili Doll.


This test is normally performed on a doll's fingers and toes; however, the breasts were used for this test since SURI-T torso doll does not possess fingers and toes.
When the nipple/areola region of SURI-T torso doll was pulled and held at 1cm and 2cm of the resting length for one hour, the material returned to its original shape with no damage.
When the nipple/areola region of SURI-T torso doll was pulled and held at 3cm of its resting length for one hour, there was a slight barely perceptible hint of distortion.
When the nipple /areola region of SUR-T torso doll was pulled and held at 4cm of its resting length, there was obvious evidence of distortion.
Result: The breasts of SURI-T torso doll can withstand significant stretching, but they have a limit. It appears to be okay to pull and suck at SURI-T torso doll's breast during play, but just don't get too crazy & try to stretch them an excessive amount unnecessarily. The testing does show that SURI-T doll can indeed handle some of this "abuse".


The SURI-T torso doll is a fit for you if.....
1. You want to experience Sili Doll's super soft TPE in a very beautiful doll.
2. You need to hide a doll but have very limited options.
3. You have physical limitations or restrictions.
4. You want a unique torso doll with outstanding sexual capability.
5. You want a doll that can be easily manipulated with low risk of damage.


The SURI-T torso doll is truly a "BREATH OF FRESH AIR" in a marketplace that is littered with low-quality and over-priced torso dolls. Sili Doll has successfully brought us an excellent quality and very beautiful looking torso doll AT UNDER $1,000. And Sili Doll has even taken one revolutionary step further with the addition of partial legs to their SURI-T torso doll. The partial legs is a GENIUS MOVE that significantly enhances the sexual functionality of a torso doll. SURI-T torso doll itself is very well-constructed with excellent detailing. It is obvious that Sili Doll took great pride in the creation of their SURI-T torso doll and well they should as she is a remarkable creation. If you have ever considered purchasing a torso doll, SURI-T torso doll is the one you want.

[by DollAfficionado]

8) WOW, you can actually spend more than 3 seconds on a post....I am impressed with this one well done


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 Post subject: Re: SURI-T Torso Doll - My Extended Professional Review
PostPosted: Wed Nov 22, 2017 11:50 pm 
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Great review!

Is there a way to store her hanging in a closet?

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 Post subject: Re: SURI-T Torso Doll - My Extended Professional Review
PostPosted: Thu Nov 23, 2017 2:36 am 
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No, there’s no neck bolt in the back for hanging. Best to store her the way she ships, especially if you can get some memory foam under her.

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