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 Post subject: Skeletal Oversights
PostPosted: Fri Jan 12, 2018 10:08 am 
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Contributing Poster
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I've had my 165-D for almost a year now, and i've noticed some alarming... let's call them oversights, in wmdoll's skeleton.
Now my doll, Luna, is in good condition, except for repeated damage to the TPE caused by the skeleton itself from general use. Now, the part of the skeleton causing this is likely the same for all wmdolls and i'm sure you're all familiar with getting holes on your dolls knees caused by the corners of the "kneecap" that prevents the knee from bending backwards. Likewise, i've also noticed this happening on my dolls elbows as of a couple of days ago when I was her doing tri-weekly maintenance.
The cause can easily be remedied during manufacturing of future dolls by simply filing/grinding down the SHARP CORNERS on these metal plates prior to the casting the TPE onto the skeleton.
It should've been caught a long time ago, as this is an area where the TPE is thinner than most and anything aside from lying down or standing up involves stretching the TPE over these sharp corners when the knee bends. Worse still if your doll spends any time on her knees in this state *wink*wink*.

Lunamaria (Luna) - 165cm D-Cup WMdoll.
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