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 Post subject: Re: They have arrived!!!! 170CM H and 160CM B
PostPosted: Thu Jan 11, 2018 8:10 pm 
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Senior Member
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terabyte wrote:
Looking at your latest pics especially the shower, the 160 has a curvier profile (extremely skinny waist, big ass), however when them naked next to each other you tell the 170 has more pop to her ass and muscular definition. Its like they are both curvy just in different ways. If I remember correctly the waist and hips between the 2 wasn't much different with the 160 at 20"W and 40" ass, and the 170 at 21"W and 38" ass, atleast that what they are listed as. Either way they are both stunning!

Thank you PaulDenton. And tea terabyte the 170 has a perky ass the 160 has a wider ass thicker thighs and calves yes the 160 is only 2 inches away. ThEyre both sexy in their own unique way and I have seen sexy women with both body types before. There are things about them that I enjoy switching them up like if I want the 160s thick legs and wide big butt with her wide hipped lower back which looks so sexy in doggy style and her deep butt crack. But the long not as thick but still thick legs of the 170 are amazing as well but complete opposites just like their boobs small and big. The legs of the 160 are a lot thicker actually very juicy thighs. I'm grateful to have both body types as theyre so different but both sexy. Feeling their nipples thru clothing is so sexy btw

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 Post subject: Re: They have arrived!!!! 170CM H and 160CM B
PostPosted: Thu Jan 11, 2018 8:16 pm 
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Simply Gorgeous booty pictures, you really got you some real babes there!

Celeste JY 140cm Image
Please Read my post at the bottom TY
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