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 Post subject: Linux v. 17.07 Elisabeth
PostPosted: Wed Jul 12, 2017 8:06 pm 
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Doll Mentor
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Hey my fellow TDF homies!

Thanks to the unexpected popularity of this post, Operating System Roll Call!, I am flattered to update and to fork off of that topic with an announcement regarding a new Linux spin... yes another Ubuntu remix... Linux version 17.07!

My dedication to being an active member of The Doll Forum and its community, and also the Linux/FOSS community along with it (TDF runs on a LAMP--Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP--server if you didn't know), keeps me inspired to do these things.

The ISO can be fetched here: ... VF2MHpKUlE
The MD5SUM here: ... kY1YzVoczg
and the SHA256 hash here: ... ElBYWJrV2s

Please try it out... Jessi, Elisabeth and I would ♥ your feedback.

Alexandra Tiffany Tilbrook

Founding Juggalette of Linux Juggalette Entertainment Development, at

My Lettes:

♥ Daphne Catherine Holland - JY Dolls 140cm, head 32
♥ Elisabeth Rachael Snow - Doll Sweet EX Lite
♥ Jessica Daphne Bentley - AMT-Mannequins SP-25 plus-size plastic mannequin
♥ Megan Danielle Irving - FDW MK-175 plastic mannequin

Arriving soon...
♥ DJ (Deborah Jennifer) Lawson - An creation!

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