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 Post subject: Janinas hip transplant (ds145- broken weld on hip joint)
PostPosted: Thu Jul 12, 2018 2:32 pm 
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At first i want to thank everybody at this place for sharing their experience, especially Karrot, jiayi and haremlover, thanks to chewy, your thread helped a lot.

Last weekend the weld of the pivot pin on the left hip joint of my lovely Janina (made Feb 2017) broke.
The ds skeleton is well engineered, but this weld is a weak spot, though i have to admit i was not very careful.
I did not align the leg properly and used to much force, should have known better.
Luckily i kept her old body (made Nov 2015) and with your information it was not to hard to do the surgery.
The hip joints on this body failed as well, but for another reason, well the same reason (me being not gentle enough), but in another way.(try to attach pic later).

I have to point out that this is my fault, i believe in ds, their dolls are well made and their after sales service is excellent.
If i contacted them, they would surely send me replacemnt parts (maybe i will order a 167evo soon).

I removed the joint on the older body and it is the same design.
The never part is made of stainless steel, the older one is galvanised. The weld on the older one looks sturdier.
20180710_193355.jpg [ 188.84 KiB | Viewed 243 times ]

This is the old hip, the threading was not very good and in combination with the thin, basic steel and the ähm dynamic stress it turned this way.
20180710_193448.jpg [ 206.48 KiB | Viewed 243 times ]

The newer hip looks much better and the connector is glued in, but the pics are too blurry.
On the stainless skeleton there is no wear (dark stuff in the foam) and it was sealed with foil.

I managed to screw the pin back in without tearing the silicone, but should have cut a little higher and use some cloth to protect her skin from the ratchet (and her own bones).
20180710_195320.jpg [ 97.34 KiB | Viewed 243 times ]

Thanks again to jiayi for the advice to not glue it before proper testing, clingfilm is awesome.
The joint started to loosen quickly, maybe the new(old) pin is slightly different. I will get some Loctite (glue) to make sure its not the screw.
I keep on reading how good permatex works, but doesnt seem to be available in germany.
Wacker Elastosil E43 seems to work well. Silpoxy is good, but expensive and i only found one vendor here with high shipping cost and either it is cured when i need it, or i have to wait for delivery.

Now Janina can stand on her own feet again and hold poses. The opportunity to show the modified private parts.
With all their benefits, these ladies are not made for the well endowed.
20180710_200608.jpg [ 94.15 KiB | Viewed 243 times ]

This is a modified boogina by dollpark.
Unfortunately my hdd crashed and i did not have a backup. All the pics of the procedure ar lost together with some decent shots of her, her sister and hundreds of gb of movies and music.

Maybe i will order a ds 167 evo soon and try to post some if i mod her, which will be most likely the case.
Somehow it feels strange to order a doll that expensive, knowing i might have to cut her before...
Furthermore it seems i got infected with some strange thiccness, but thats another topic.

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