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 Post subject: Re: My Cammy diary and running review. (Dagmar doll from BD)
PostPosted: Sat Jan 13, 2018 3:41 pm 
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privatetai wrote:
Yep, I've always been a fan of long flowing hair on my female companions- it's quite likely because texturally that gives more to my senses.

Understood. Years ago I was indifferent on hair style and looked towards other features on a woman. Mostly the neckline and shoulders. So over the years I found that woman with long hair I preferred a ponytail. This evolved into preferring shorter hair styles that didn't go past the shoulders...such as the kinky hair styles that you often see on black women. In more recent years, I began to take to the Bob hair style the most and also pixie cuts.

But I've learned quickly that long hair wigs on a doll === pain in the ass lol. Last time I tried to comb out one of these gals' hair it ended up taking almost 3 hours of muttering curses and I swear half the hair ended up on the floor.

Yeah, when it comes to wigs, long hair creates many issues. I know because I have a long hair rocker wig myself. It is a good wig though and nearly cost me $50 back in the 80's. It held up well over the years with very little shedding, but it does shed, so I don't comb it out often. But it is due for a good combing as it is starting to get nappy. So I knew this before getting a doll that I wanted shorter hair styles, not only because I find them more attractive than long styles, but also because they are easier to maintain and I don't have to comb them out as much. More of a concern is sleeping with the doll. The wig gets mussed up even more. Even my Platinum Blonde wig gets tangled. But I noticed the dark hair bob wig that is even shorter in length, doesn't get as messed up. So this got me to thinking to get an even shorter pixie style Platinum Blonde wig that is layered so it will look pretty good even after sleeping with her. There is a short layered pixie wig I have my eye on and it has this incredible looking taper that goes down to the nape of the neck. It looks VERY hot, more so than my current Platinum Blonde wig. So I think it is a good wig for going at it standing doggy style.

I did get her a curly dark haired wig and received it earlier in the week. It is very full and amazingly soft. I am going to post pictures of it in my other thread. It definitely looks like a good sleeper wig in which you could just bury your face in it. I know, I have done it several times already. Strangely the wig has a nice faint smell to it too.

I also finally go the blue robe and a beautiful lace neckline / long sleeve crop top. This is another amazing looking outfit. The robe is so smooth too and even my rough fingers glide along its surface. It is going to be great sleeping with her in it. It has shoulder cut outs, so that ups the sexy factor considerably. I DO still have to run tests on the robe to see if it bleeds color. The robe is made by 'Dreamgirl' and I have seen others here buy from that company and many do not have problems with the dark colors bleeding. BUT I just want to be sure.

I like the the robe since it ties on the front and having her in a basic teddy nightie (or something sexy with crotch access) would certainly make for an easy quickie. Last night I was very tired as I am starting to put the Christmas decorations away, but we will see what happens tonight.


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