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 Post subject: Healing strategies silicone hands and wire pokes?
PostPosted: Tue Nov 14, 2017 8:42 pm 
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I know from various posts and threads that my doll is not alone in having chronic hand problems. She is a little doll (jm 130) with wire fingers. No matter how careful in am with making sure her hands are in a safe position, her fingers are still getting chewed up with wire pokes. Her thumbs are developing little tears at the base. I'm afraid that the tips of her fingers are going to start tearing off, and I have no idea how I'll deal with that. Right now I've taped nitrile gloves over her hands using vinyl tape, but it looks ugly and probably won't stop the wire pokes.

How do other silicone doll owners deal with these hand and finger issues? I'm wondering if I need to wash her hands thoroughly with acetone then brush their entire surfaces with Permatex. Not sure how that will work or if it will be effective. I want her looking good if I go to the doll meet this Spring!

Any experiences to share?

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